A little bit about me…

Luanne Botta is an author, Bible teacher and speaker who brings the gospel to life through the Word and personal testimony.  Her high energy and joyful spirit of encouragement bring an authentic transparency, making her an endearing and powerful speaker.

As a high school teacher at a private Christian academy for almost 20 years, well-liked by her students, Luanne found herself in a unique role, guiding hundreds of young people through God’s Word with her uncompromising, take-no-prisoners way of speaking the truth while still showing them unconditional love. Her passion was igniting them to live their lives with a higher standard than the culture around them.

From these years of ministry and the heartache experienced by her students in their teen years, Luanne authored two books to equip young people with the truth, Young Hearts. Pure Lives (for girls), and The Warrior Within (for guys). Each book is available to be read individually or to be used as a bible study in a group setting.

Luanne has had the wonderful experience of serving on the mission field to Haiti, Jamaica, Barbados, New York City, Latvia, and Mexico fulfilling the call to “go into all the earth” and preach the gospel. 

Luanne is also actively involved in women’s ministry, teaching God’s Word and facilitating weekly bible studies for years to hundreds of women. She served on the team for national singer, speaker and author, Kathy Troccoli, traveling the country as part of a ministry that has ushered thousands of women to the throne of God’s grace. Seeing up-close-and-personal the great need to speak God’s hope, encouragement, and grace to women across the country.

Luanne’s life is continuing on the road of ministry. She is available for seminars and retreats for adult women of all ages, as well as teenage men and women, and their parents, bringing an anointing of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Throughout her years of ministry, Luanne’s greatest joy…”to bring a voice of encouragement and hope to those who are looking for truth…and to walk humbly with my God!”