A little bit about me…


..God is in the business to redeem and restore every situation in our lives. Nothing is impossible to Him…Nothing!

Luanne embraces a vision to see women of all ages come to a full understanding of the hope and richness they have in Christ. Her vision has been birthed and realized through a wonderful variety of experiences, first being a high school teacher at Christian Academy for 17 years. Well-liked by her students, Luanne found herself in a unique role, guiding thousands of young people through God’s Word with her uncompromising, take-no-prisoners way of speaking the truth and showing them unconditional love. Through that season, Luanne authored her first book, Young Hearts. Pure Lives, “equipping young women to stay pure in a reckless world”, a book that challenges high schools girls to raise the standard in their lives through their character, choices, sexual integrity, and many issues they deal with in a culture spinning out of control. She has written her second book for teenage high school boys, The Warrior Within, “young men standing strong in a reckless world“… challenging young men to be men of valor, not intimidated by the world culture around them. A few subjects they are challenged with is character, pornography, choices, sexual integrity, and many issues they deal with in a culture spinning out of control. Luanne continues to hold seminars for high school girls and guys and their parents; speaks at high school graduations and chapels; offers the books as bible studies; and is passionate to speak to groups of moms looking for godly truths and hope as they feel this culture is taking their children with them

Since 2004 Luanne has been actively involved in women’s ministry as well. She served on the board of the Deborah Company women’s group of a multi-cultural church in Pittsburgh for over 5 years. She taught God’s Word and facilitated numerous weekly bible studies to over 100 women per week. She also speaks to women about their teens. Who better than a teacher for 17 years to help guide parents in raising their teens in this culture.

Luanne is a contagious speaker who brings the gospel to life through the Word and personal testimony. Her high energy and joyful spirit of encouragement bring an authentic transparency that makes everyone feel like they can relate to her journey through all walks of life…making her an endearing and powerful speaker.

For 5 years, Luanne served on the team for national singer, speaker and author, Kathy Troccoli, traveling the country as part of a ministry that has ushered thousands of women to the throne of God’s grace. She has seen up-close-and-personal the great need to speak God’s hope, encouragement, grace and mercy to women across the country who are weary in their journey.

Luanne’s life is continuing on the road of ministry to women of all ages and young men, with an anointing of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through her 30 years of ministry, Luanne’s greatest joy…”to bring a voice of encouragement and hope to those who are looking for truth…and to walk humbly with my God!”